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999 UUU - Managing Your Congregation's Money
Governance for Congregations, Leadership Development
Prepared for by Bill Lewis, reporter; Margy Levine Young, editor

A Course at UU University in the Financial Leadership Track

Presenters: Dan Brody and Larry Ladd

What does your congregation have that has monetary value? A building and grounds? The collection? Some funds that are held in reserve for specific purposes? An endowment? Investments? A ten or twenty year record without an actionable liability claim?

Each of these assets requires management. Some of them may be items in your budget or elements of your plan, or both. Some of them may need to be protected to reduce damage from loss or to minimize risk. Some may need to be held to enhance the work of the congregation, and others may need to be disbursed in specific ways to further that work.

Whatever the need may be, in this workshop, two of the most skilled asset managers in the Unitarian Universalist Association presented a ‘best practices' model in an overview that could be called Asset Management 101.

Larry Ladd and Dan Brody met some ten or twelve years ago when Larry was the treasurer of Harvard University and Dan was the chief financial officer of the Kennedy School of Business at Harvard. Both of these men are also active volunteers in their congregations, focusing on finances, and they have collaborated to share their knowledge and experience with members charged with these responsibilities in other congregations.