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Resources for Youth Envoys for the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office

How can youth promote and celebrate the International Social Justice?

Youth at the United Nations are ages 18-24. Although this is different from the way many Unitarian Universalist's categorize Youth age, we can still look at the initiatives of the UN as inspiration for our work. Here are some suggestions on how to promote and celebrate international human rights work.

  • Educate yourself: What issues/projects/organizations are you passionate about? Who else is passionate about these issues? Find out if there are committees or teams in your congregation you can participate in. Contact the Envoy Coordinator, uuenvoy [at] uua [dot] org (uuenvoy [at] uua [dot] org,) for further assistance.
  • Organize an event: contact the Envoy Coordinator for assistance and additional resources to raise awareness or raise funds at your congregation and in your communities.
  • Look up events: events and announcements are available on the UN Social Policy and Development Divison page. You can also find events to participate in on the Calendar of Events.
  • Subscribe: subscribe to the Youth Flash, the UN’s monthly newsletter to learn about youth-related activities and publications. Be sure you are receiving the monthly Envoy Newsletter from the United Nations Office.


  • Guide to Fostering Inter-generational Relationships
    Download the 2012 Youth Envoy Action Guide (PDF) to help you promote the envoy program in your congregation and get you started on your envoy duties
  • Planning a United Nations Sunday service
    Each year our theme for UN Sunday follows the topic of interest at the previous years' Intergenerational Spring Seminar. Download the planning packet focusing from Beyond Borders: Breaking Barriers on Race and Immigration.
  • United Nations Religious Education
    The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) has three curriculums which you can bring to your congregation's religious education: UN Me, Human Rights Activities for RE and Climate Change RE. Consider teaching a few chapters yourself, or encourage your RE director to look at the curriculum.
  • International Year of Youth Activity Kit
    To celebrate the International Year of Youth, the United Nations has released a comprehensive Activities Kit which teaches Youth how to be effective advocates on behalf of their chosen cause. The Kit includes practical advice and effective strategies on how to promote your event; engage the media; develop partnerships; build a constituency of supporters and much more. We recommend you take a look at it and discuss it with your team before you start planning events in your congregation.

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