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A UU congregation in Montreal participates in United Nations Sunday, led by Bruce Knotts.

The Unitarian Church of Montréal celebrating UN Sunday.

Worship and Workshop: A Weekend of Exploring the Global U/U Story

The Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA's) International Staff Group is available to bring your congregation a customized, multi-media, 21st century worship service and workshop that celebrates the Global U/U story. Together, we’ll explore inspirational moments in its deep and recent history, discover how we can be a part of shaping its future, and how we can continue to bend the story’s arc toward justice for all.

Global U/U Story Congregational Visits

The UUA International staff group is scheduling visits with Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations to inspire and share stories of international social justice work. We’d love to visit yours!

Host a United Nations (UN) Sunday this October, or anytime throughout the year, and hear the story of Unitarian Universalism's ongoing impact at the United Nations. Witness the powerful story of UU values at work in India with a Holdeen India Program Sunday. Explore how your congregation can widen its reach and impact within our global community with a Faith Without Borders Sunday

Or, let us work with you to tailor a service around your congregation's needs and interests with a Global U/U Sunday. The possibilities are endless!

Love Reaches Out Globally

Curious about the fascinating, 200+ year history of U/U international engagement? How about exploring theological grounding (PDF) of faithful international engagement? Is your congregation interested in diving into meaningful global social justice work, but doesn't know where, or how, to begin? We can help.

The International Staff Group is available craft a powerful learning and worship experience for your faith community and to guide you every step of the way in achieving your goals.

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