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Rev. Mark Kiyimba Visits the UUA
Rev. Mark Kiyimba Visits the UUA

Yesterday, the UUA was paid a special visit by Rev. Mark Kiyimba, minister of the UU Church of Kampala, Uganda. UUA staff joined with President Rev. Peter Morales in welcoming Rev. Kiyimba during a reception held in his honor, earlier in the day.

Rev. Kiyimba runs a school and orphanage near Masaka, and is a leader in the campaign for BGLT rights in Uganda. He is currently in the U.S. for approximately five weeks; during his visit he will be visiting with UU congregations in Staten Island, NY; Brookfield, MA; Williamsburg, VA; Tulsa, OK; Sacramento, CA; Portland, OR; and Kalamazoo, MI; San Mateo, California;  Boise, Idaho; and Louisville, KY.

After the reception, Rev. Kiyimba toured nearby King's Chapel, where he was greeted by Assistant Minister Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt.  Our kind and consummate host afforded us a rare opportunity to view the chapel's bell tower, so a few of us climbed the steep, antiquated steps into the belfry to view the Revere-cast bell up-close.

Afterwards, we meandered across the Boston Common to visit the Arlington Street Church. We were escorted by the affable Jeff Bouchard, assistant to the administrator of the congregation.  Rev. Kiyimba was astounded at the size and grandeur of the church's architecture; he seemed very moved by the beauty and serenity of the space.

In whirlwind fashion, I whisked Rev. Kiyimba back to the UUA in time for a brief video interview before his afternoon departure.  Rev. Eric Cherry, UUA Director of International Resources, spoke for a few minutes about the past, present, and future of Unitarian Universalism in Uganda.

[vimeo 15815872]

Please enjoy some photos from the visit!

Rev. Mark Kiyimba (UU minister in Uganda) visits the UUA

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