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UUA International Blog Archive
International Engagement & Building Peace
  • What Americans Owe the Hibakusha

    This guest post on our blog is from the Rev. Chris J. Antal, the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Rock Tavern, New York. He had been a military chaplain for five years until he resigned in April as an act of protest to U.S. policies regarding armed drones...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 8/5/2016
  • 70th Anniversary of the First UN Resolution to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

    On January 24th, 1946, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed its first resolution, which called for the establishment a commission to monitor nuclear energy around the world, and for the elimination of atomic weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. This...
    By Allison Hess | 1/25/2016
  • Breakthrough in Nuclear Diplomacy - Time to Mobilize!

    The news about the breakthrough in nuclear diplomacy with Iran is immensely important, and the work that lies ahead to avoid an expanding nuclear arms race, or violent confrontation, is more important still. Join with UUs from around the US in the Peace & Planet...
    By Rev. Eric Cherry | 4/3/2015
  • Sing a Song Full of Hope: Rights of Children of African Descent

    Cristina Velez, a graduate intern at the UU-UNO, gives her account of the November 17 United Nations NGO Committee on Children's Rights held at the UN Church Center in New York City.    “Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us; Sing a song full of the...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 11/21/2011
  • International Day of Peace: A Million Minutes for Peace

    The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is partnering with "The Odyssey Network" to promote "A Million Minutes for Peace" on the U.N.'s International Day of Peace - September 21st, 2010.  People of different faiths from all over the world will stop at noon and pray for...
    By Rev. Eric Cherry | 9/14/2010

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