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UUA International Blog Archive
UUA International Blog Archive
International Engagement & Building Peace
  • Tracing the origins of Racism

    Unitarian Universalists have a long history of engaging in racial justice advocacy individually and as congregations. As people of faith who believe in the inherent worth of every person, UUs strive for justice, equity and compassion in relationships and work for systemic change...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 6/27/2016
  • World Refugee Day, 2016

    As we celebrate World Refugee Day, let us remember that all of our peoples migrated from somewhere else.  Even indigenous peoples have migrated.  Migration is always difficult, but perhaps it is harder now than it’s been for a long time.  There are some 65 million people who...
    By Bruce Knotts | 6/20/2016
  • Bolder Ways of Being a Unitarian Universalist Activist

    On May 20th - 22nd, 2016, the Canadian Unitarian Council invited Unitarian Universalists across Canada to explore  Bolder Ways of Being in Vancouver. For their now bi-annual national conference, participants were invited to learn and discuss ways to step out of their comfort...
    By UUA International Resources Staff Group | 6/16/2016
  • Inclusive Education for Global Citizenship: UN Conference in Gyeongju, Korea

    The 66th Annual United Nations (UN) Department of Public Information/Non-Governmental Organization (DPI/NGO) Conference was held in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea from May 30 through June 1, 2016. This year’s conference was on Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the...
    By Bruce Knotts | 6/15/2016

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