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Moral Balance Sheet Revisited
September 6, 2007
Rev. William Sinkford continues his advocacy to Congress to end the Iraq War, "I write to you today with a heavy heart. Iraq..."

An Open Letter from Rev. William Sinkford to Congress: Our Moral Balance
March 9, 2007
As Congress writes and votes upon our national budget, Rev. William Sinkford, looking at the war in Iraq, asks, "What is our Moral Budget?"

The True Cost of War: A Moral Balance Sheet
Rather than a surge of troops, we American taxpayers deserve a surge of truth. Because citizens of all faiths and political persuasions are being asked to pay to prolong the violence, it is our moral obligation to reckon the true cost of the war before we agree to continue it. To give a true reckoning, we must honestly confront what we have done in Iraq, and we also must acknowledge the many vital needs we have left unfunded because we chose to put our money toward war. This "Moral Balance Sheet" looks at those opportunity costs.

Welcoming Veterans and Military Families in Our Congregations and Community

Issue Brief: Iraq
Use this Issue Brief to educate yourself and members of your congregation on the Iraq War. Inside you will find the Unitarian Universalist Association's history of action and official position on Iraq policy issues, current federal legislation, national campaigns, and ways you can get involved!

President Sinkford's Call for Withdrawal
December 6, 2005

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