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The Unitarian Universalist 2006 General Assembly Endorses the Declaration of Peace

The Declaration of Peace (DOP) is a nationwide campaign to establish a concrete and rapid plan for peace in Iraq. By endorsing it, the 2006 General Assembly added its voice to thousands of other individuals, organizations, and leaders urging for an end to this unjust war. The Action of Immediate Witness embraces the DOP plan of bringing an end to the war by:

  • Closing all U.S. bases in Iraq;
  • Supporting an Iraqi-led peace process;
  • Ending U.S. control of the political and economic life of Iraq, including Iraqi oil;
  • Making reparations and supporting reconstruction of this war-torn country;
  • Increasing support for veterans; and
  • Prohibiting so-called "preemptive" war against other nations;

For further information or to sign the Declaration of Peace.

Through previous Actions of Immediate Witness, the 2003 Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) General Assembly questioned the legality and morality of the Iraq war. The 2004 UUA General Assembly also called for the transition to a UN force, withdrawal of US troops, and turning over of sovereignty to the Iraqis. These Actions of Immediate Witness were followed up by President Sinkford's letter supporting a timetable for withdrawal in December of 2005. With these statements as a foundation, the UUA has taken concrete actions to bring about peace in Iraq through it's involvement in the Win Without War Coalition. As an active member of the Win Without War Coalition since its inception, the UUA is working to change policies in ways that will bring peace to Iraq, troops back to their families, and governance into the hands of Iraqis.