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The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Washington Office has launched an intensive campaign in support of the New Diplomatic Offensive for Iraq Act (H.R. 3797). We encourage you to learn more about the bill and then as an individual or with your congregation consider taking some of the following actions:


On October 8, 2007, the UUA participated in the Interfaith Fast Day for Peace and Justice. Many Unitarian Universalists put their bodies and wills on the line in the name of peace. Fasting is an ancient spiritual practice that can take many forms.  If you and your community want to hold a fast to witness on this war we have prepared two resources to assist you. Here is a resource to help you fast safely (PDF, 2 pages) and here is a resource to help prepare you spiritually and emotionally (PDF, 1 page).

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This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Friday, May 3, 2013.

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