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Monthly Newsletter for UU-UNO Envoys
Envoy News
International Engagement & Building Peace

The Envoy News is a monthly newsletter for UU-UNO Envoys to stay up-to-date with Envoy tasks, opportunities from the global UU community, local and international social justice action, and United Nations news. Click below to find out what's been going on in the world of Envoys and the UU-UNO in the past months!



  • December—Onward to 2017
  • November—Need for collaboration
  • October—Activities and engagement
  • September—Making our commitments sustainable
  • August—Thinking forward
  • June/July—Summer planning and important news
  • May—New Resources for Envoys
  • April—Springtime renewal and action
  • March—Prayers for equality and peace
  • February—Let's do this together
  • January—A year for change





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