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Fire-Suppression Hood May Be Necessary for Your Church Kitchen
March 15, 2009 | by Donald E. Skinner
Installing a new kitchen range or remodeling your congregation’s kitchen space? Be aware that you may be required to add a range hood with fire suppression features. That’s what the Unitarian ...

Green Construction Helps Us Live Out Our Principles
July 15, 2008 | by Donald E. Skinner
Buildings don’t get much “greener” than the new sanctuary belonging to the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Fellowship of Wayne County in Wooster, OH (151 members). The building uses low-volatility ...

Resources Available For Church Security
December 15, 2008 | by Donald E. Skinner
Resources are available on the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) website to help congregations think about security issues in the wake of the tragedy at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist ...

Trauma, Disaster Resources for Churches
September 26, 2008 | by Donald E. Skinner
Here are trauma and disaster-related resources that have been compiled by the Unitarian Universalist Association and other organizations following 9-11, Katrina, and the shootings at the Tennessee ...

With Wilder Weather, Check Your Insurance
September 26, 2008 | by Donald E. Skinner
Wildfires in California, hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, tornadoes and severe flooding in the Midwest. Is it nature as usual, or is it climate change? Whichever it is, storms seem to be increasing in severity ...

A Sign At the Street
January 15, 2005
Q. We would like to put up a better sign infront of our church but aren’t sure how to go about it.A. Joyce Dowling, public relations chair at Davies Memorial UU (Unitarian ...

Accessibility Often Grows From a Small First Step
July 1, 1998
At First Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church, Columbus, OH (485 members), the revelation came when a member who uses a wheelchair couldn't get up on the platform for a birthday recognition. At First Unitarian ...

Adequate Liability Policy is Critical
June 1, 2001 | by Donald E. Skinner
When a wedding guest at a Unitarian Universalist church in the Southwest had too much to drink and fell down the basement stairs, he sued the church for many thousands of dollars. The church's insurance ...

Before Disaster Hits, Know What Your Insurance Covers
March 1, 2001 | by Donald E. Skinner
A church in New Hampshire learned a hard lesson last year when an electrical fire heavily damaged its 120-year-old building. The Nottingham Community Universalist Church's insurance coverage fell ...

Books Focus on Church Leadership
November 1, 2010 | by Donald E. Skinner
As congregations head into the challenges of another church year, here are books that can help in areas of leadership and administration. All are available from the UUA Bookstore. Some have been around ...

Building Dedications Give a Sense of Accomplishment, Closure
January 1, 2013 | by Donald E. Skinner
After many years of making do with rented space or with buildings that were too small or unsuitable in other ways, your congregation has finally built or bought the building of its dreams. Or close enough. ...

Buying an Urban Building Beats Construction in Harrisburg
May 15, 2009 | by Donald E. Skinner
When the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg, PA, needed more room, it thought it had just one option: a $6- to $8-million-dollar building expansion. That felt a little daunting in this economic climate. And ...

Choosing vendors for your church using UU values
June 1, 2013 | by Donald E. Skinner
Congregations traditionally promote and encourage Unitarian Universalist values through sermons, religious education, and social justice work. Unity Church-Unitarian in St. Paul, Minn., is taking its values ...

Church Can Be Perilous for Those With Allergies
October 15, 2003
There are people for whom going to church is akin to visiting a hazardous chemical site. The experience can induce severe allergic reactions. These people suffer from what is sometimes called multiple ...

Church Mutual Offers Help Crime-Proofing
June 15, 2007
A brochure to help congregations develop ways to “Crime-Proof Your Worship Center” is available from Church Mutual, the leading insurer of places of worship, including a high ...

Church rentals support bottom line, promote mission
July 1, 2013 | by Donald E. Skinner
Many Unitarian Universalist congregations rent space in their buildings. Doing so not only helps out the community but gives the congregation some added income. Rentals—whether for weddings, meetings, ...

Church Seeks, Signs For-Profit Tenant
December 15, 2006 | by Leslie Staples
Interested in renting your church building? Emerson Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church in Houston TX, recently sought out and signed a specific company, a for-profit adult education program that ...

Clean Bathrooms, Half and Half, Create Warm Welcome
December 15, 2007 | by Donald E. Skinner
Tandi Rogers Koerger, program specialist for the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA's) Pacific Northwest District, developed a list of "Thirteen Steps to Start Your Church Year Strong." ...

Congregational Life Articles at
April 1, 2006 | by Donald E. Skinner
The following new documents on congregational growth and management are available in's Leaders' Library: Congregational Growth in Unitarian Universalism Congregational Life Dynamics ...

Dedication Ceremonies Deserve Care, Reflection
March 1, 2000 | by Donald E. Skinner
When a congregation adds to its space by building or remodeling, it has cause for celebration.But there are right and wrong ways to perform these ceremonies. Rev. John A. Buehrens, Unitarian Universalist ...

Defibrillators Enhance Safety at Church
June 15, 2005 | by Donald E. Skinner
After a member of East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue, WA, had a heart attack at a church meeting and subsequently died, the congregation bought two automatic external defibrillators. One is kept outside ...

Donations with Strings Attached
October 15, 2005 | by Donald E. Skinner
Q. We had an awkward situation recently when our church sold a piece of furniture that a member had donated. The member felt we should have kept it. We felt that once it was donated it was the congregation’s ...

Finding Assistive Listening Devices for Your Congregation
July 15, 2008 | by Donald E. Skinner
Q. We have several members who have difficulty hearing the sermon and other parts of the Sunday service. We know there is equipment out there to help in such situations, but how do we tell if it's right ...

Fox Valley at a Glance
June 15, 2004 | by Donald E. Skinner
Staff: The Rev. Roger Bertschausen (14 years). Director of religious education Ann Barker (9 years). Office Administrator Diane Cochran (1.5 years). All are full-time. There are two childcare providers ...

Fun and Food Make Work Parties Popular
May 1, 1998 | by Donald E. Skinner
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.  —Thomas EdisonMonthly work parties are an institution for most Unitarian Universalists (UU) congregations, ...


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