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How to Build a Music Ministry

October 15, 2004

From Ken Langer, director of music and arts, Eno River Unitarian Universalist (UU) Fellowship, Durham, NC, writing in the Spring 2004 issue of UU Musicians Network Notes newsletter.

  • Choose good music and do it well.
  • Treat the choir as another small group whose members care for each other.
  • Do more than sing––talk about the music with the congregation, making a connection between the music and the theme of the service.
  • Provide music opportunities for people at all levels and skills, including children.
  • Consistently spread the message to others, including the congregation and the music committee, that music is a ministry.
  • Music in Our Congregations: Handbook for Staffing a Music Program in UU Congregations can be obtained for $5 (free to UUMN members). More information on the UUMN website.

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