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Spring 2006

Vol. IX Issue 2


To Build or Not to Build; Alternatives to an Edifice


In Times of Trouble, Call Conflict Resolution Team 


Set Safety Policies Now, Before You Need Them

Nourishing the Spirit

UU Trauma Ministry Team Responds in Times of Crisis


Congregational Handbook a Good First Place to Turn

Question & Answer

Don’t Ask for the Minimum

Why Social Justice is Important

Signing Up for UU World

Briefly Noted

Book on Relationships Available for Use in Men's, Women's Groups

Congregational Life Articles at

LREDA Booklet Promotes Diversity, Inclusiveness

New UU Advertising Materials Available

Resources for People with Vision Impairment

Tapestry of Faith Curricula Under Way

Telltale Signs that Conflict Exists

For more information contact interconnections @

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Last updated on Thursday, May 26, 2011.

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