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Informational Packets for Visitors and New Members

First-time visitors should be given either a packet of information or individual items, depending on their level of interest.

First-time Visitor's Packet

  1. Welcome letter from Membership Chair or Minister.
  2. Current congregational brochure.
  3. Current newsletter.
  4. Recent World Magazine.
  5. Booklet describing small groups.
  6. Religious Education (RE) brochure.
  7. Lifespan RE class booklet.
  8. Path to Membership Letter, including invitation to (and dates of) newcomer classes.
  9. David O. Rankin wallet card: "What Do Unitarian Universalists Believe?"
  10. Dinner for Eight explanation and invitation.

When visitors join give them a packet with the following except for the items they were given at newcomer classes:

  1. Letter of Welcome from the membership chair.
  2. Letter of Welcome from the minister.
  3. Canvass Letter, pledge card, and return envelope from membership or canvass chair.
  4. Ways to Connect (small groups) booklet.
  5. Polly Guild Brochure (Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Bookstore): Becoming a Member.
  6. David Rankin wallet card (UUA Bookstore): What Do UUs Believe?—Red/Tan (2).
  7. 7 Principles wallet card (UUA Bookstore)—Tan (2).
  8. Book—UU Pocket Guide (UUA Bookstore).
  9. Dinner for Eight invitation.
  10. Phone Directory.

Note: Some congregations prefer to mail new members a pledge card and letter explaining stewardship immediately after they join, so it doesn't get lost in other new-member materials and so that it won't be misunderstood that the pledge card should be returned as part of the membership process.

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