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All the Documents Needed by a Membership Committee

As a service to Unitarian Universalist (UU) membership committees, InterConnections, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) newsletter for board members and professional staff of all UU congregations, has created a collection of documents which are necessary for membership committee functions. Please amend them as necessary for your purposes. They are as follows:

  • Exit Interviews—Sample letter and phone forms.
  • What UUs Believe—A document to give to visitors at New UU classes to help them explain their new faith to non-UUs.
  • Membership Committee Budget—An example of a budget and items that membership committees are generally responsible for.
  • Membership Committee Bylaws—Sample bylaws for membership committees.
  • Membership Calendar—Deadlines throughout the year to pay attention to.
  • Greeting Visitors—Collected wisdom on how to greet visitors well.
  • Interest Finder—A form to give to new members soliciting information about interests and hobbies, for the purpose of helping them get involved in church life.
  • Membership Job Description—A detailed description of all the responsibilities of membership committees.
  • Newcomers Class—An outline for a Newcomers class.
  • Newcomers Orientation—Another example of Newcomer Classes.
  • New-Member Ceremony—A sample script for a new-member ceremony.
  • Membership Packets—List of what information to give visitors/new members, and when.
  • Programs List—A comprehensive list of all church programs, with descriptions, to lay out as a booklet to give to friends, members, and to visitors. Use these sample programs as a template to develop a list for your own congregation.
  • Remembership Committee—The idea is to call every member of the congregation 3-4 times during the year. The calls will have NOTHING to do with a request for money or services.
  • Small Membership Committee—What to do if your congregation is small and there are only three members on your committee.
  • Stewardship—A document to give out at New UU classes and to new members explaining expectations about giving time and money.
  • Want to Know More about UUism?—A handout for newcomers, explaining where they can get more information about Unitarian Universalism (websites, bookstore, etc.)
  • First-Time Visitor Sign Up—A template for creating a document to capture first-time visitor information.
  • Welcome to Our Church—A handout for visitors on the process involved in joining the congregation.
  • Welcome Back—A sign-in sheet for return visitors.

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