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Additional Immigration Resources for Further Study

  1. Understanding the Causes of Migration (PDF, 9 pages)
    1. Definitions of Terms
    2. Migration Patterns and Numbers
    3. Causes of Migration
    4. Difficulties of Legal Immigration to the U.S.
      1. Very Long Waits and Very Few Legal Avenues
      2. Removal and Return Policies—the 3/10 Year Bar
      3. Undocumented Immigration is a Civil, Not Criminal, Offense
    5. International Perspectives
  2. The History of (Im)migration in the U.S. (PDF, 11 pages)
    1. Migration Patterns and Numbers
    2. Colonialism as a Driving Force
      1. Perspective of Native Americans
      2. African Enslavement and Colonial Prosperity
      3. Subsequent Immigration, Xenophobia and Nativism
      4. Expansion of the Concept of "American"
    3. Social Impact on U.S. Society
    4. Nativism Today
  3. The Economics of (Im)migration (PDF, 11 pages)
    1. Economic Disparities That Drive (Im)migration
    2. Our National Dependence on Cheap Labor
    3. Effects on U.S. Economy
      1. Economic Growth/Jobs
      2. Taxes versus Benefits
    4. Effects on Sending Countries
      1. Remittances
      2. "Brain Drain"
  4. Security, Enforcement and Human Rights (PDF, 12 pages)
    1. Abuses from Enforcement-Only Policies
      1. Militarization of the Border
      2. Raids and Family Separation
      3. Detention and Due Process
      4. Evidence of Racial Profiling
    2. The Criminalization of Immigration
      1. Operation Streamline
      2. Privatization of Detention Centers
      3. ICE ACCESS
    3. State and Local Enforcement
    4. Crime and Gang Issues Across Borders
  5. Who Benefits from a Broken System? (PDF, 9 pages)
    1. Continued Colonialism
    2. The Business of Enforcement and Detention
      1. Militarization of the Border
      2. Mandatory Detainment
    3. Immigration as Political Fodder
    4. Cartels, Trafficking...
      1. Drugs and Smuggling
      2. Child Labor
      3. Prostitution
      4. Slavery
  6. Seeking Solutions (PDF, 12 pages)
    1. Building a Theology of Migrant Justice
      1. Unitarian Universalist Perspectives
      2. Liberation Theology
      3. Other Judeo-Christian Perspectives
    2. Resisting Globalization
      1. Gaining Knowledge
      2. Living Simply; Eating Locally
    3. Building Communities
      1. Organizing
      2. Multicultural Competency
      3. Forming Paernerships
    4. Advocacy
      1. Legislative Reform
      2. Ending ICE ACCESS
    5. International Issues
      1. Rights
      2. Boundaries

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Last updated on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

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