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Immigration Book and Game Suggestions for Youth


  • The Arrival
    This beautiful book by Shaun Tan tells the story of an immigrant seeking a better life for his family. As a wordless graphic novel, The Arrival may seem like a good choice for young children, but its complexity is perhaps even better suited to teenagers and adults.
  • Kids Like Me: Voices of the Immigrant Experience
    An appealing and accessible book with 26 narratives written by children and young adult immigrants to the U.S. The book is 296 pages, but the individual narratives are short and can be read on their own.

Games & Quizzes

  • ICED Video Game
    Taking on the identity of an immigrant teenager, players must avoid ICE officers, answer questions about immigration, and make everyday choices.
  • Shop Till You Drop on a Mexican Wage
    Learn about financial pressures which cause people from Mexico and other economically vulnerable countries to migrate to the U.S. Players pick a profession and go “shopping” to see what workers can buy with their wages in Mexico and in the United States.

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Last updated on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

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