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As the executive branch of the United States, the President has "prosecutorial discretion" when enforcing our laws. That is, when enforcement would result in undo hardship or if the person(s) in question are sufficiently meritorious, the President has the power to grant "administrative relief" to these persons. The “Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation Act" (HALT Act), introduced by Rep Lamar Smith (R-TX) aims to strip the Obama administration of this power.

The executive branch of government has always had the discretion to decide how, when, and against whom to enforce federal immigration laws. Having such discretion is essential to ensuring that our laws are enforced humanely, in accordance with our values. What's more Rep. Smith's HALT Act specifically targets President Obama, as the legislation is written to expire the day after his first term ends. Do not let Rep. Smith use our legislative system to pursue his personal vendetta. Tell your Members of Congress to Halt the HALT Act!

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Urge Your Representative to Oppose the HALT Act!!
(Note: This action is hosted by Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.)

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Dissecting the HALT Act: The Impact of Eliminating Discretion from Our Immigration System, from the Immigration Policy Center

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