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Unitarian Universalist Policy

As Unitarian Universalists (UUs), we work to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Thus, we decry any government policy that knowingly and intentionally forces migrants into situations that put their lives at risk. The humane treatment of migrants is a human rights issue.

Human Rights Conventions
1965 General Resolution

WHEREAS, world peace depends on the recognition by all nations of fundamental human rights (such as those embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948); and

UU Migrant Ministry
1975 Business Resolution

WHEREAS, the work of the UU Migrant Ministry has been the subject of many favorable resolutions at the General Assemblies for at least 10 years; and

A Call to Conscious, Humane Treatment of Immigrants
1995 Resolution of Immediate of Witness

BECAUSE we covenant as Unitarian Universalists to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person; and
BECAUSE we covenant as Unitarian Universalists to promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations; and

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Last updated on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

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