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Portrait of Raja Rammouhan Roy

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Roy Raja Rammohun: photo of the portrait that hangs in the UUA headquarters.

Another person shown on the walls here is Raja Rammouhan Roy (1772-1833), the nineteenth-century founder of the Bramo Samaj, a liberal religious group in India. He helped start Unitarianism in India in the 1800's.

In 1828, Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded the Brahma Samaj in India. His monotheistic beliefs were similar to those of the British Unitarians. He devoted his life to public service and had high regard for “true” Hinduism, but opposed what he viewed as the superstitious nature of many Hindu customs, including the caste system and child marriages. He is called the “father of modern India.” As a British civil servant, he promoted freedom of the press and western-style education. He opened colleges that taught modern science and English. One of his greatest contributions was advocating for equality—for women in education and property rights.

Formerly thought to be an original painting by Rembrandt Peale, noted 19th century portrait artist, this painting is actually a copy of the Peale by Annie C. Nowell, and reads on the back “painted from life in London.” The original of this painting is at the Salem Museum

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Last updated on Thursday, May 3, 2012.

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