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Hospitality and Belonging Resources for Your Congregation

The resources below can help Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations to grow in vitality and reach—both to members and to newcomers.

Guides and Tools

Membership Professionals Resources
This web page was created by and for membership professionals in Unitarian Universalist congregations. Membership committee volunteers and chairs may also find these resources useful. Find job descriptions, welcoming and member retention resources, greeter training information, and links to other membership web content.

The Membership Journey (PDF, 55 pages)
A guide to various aspects of membership growth and for enriching the lives of all members for all sizes and ages of congregations. This guide also suggests approaches to moving toward being an anti-racist/anti-oppressive/multicultural congregation.

Congregations Count: Evaluating Your Membership Process (this section includes PDF, Excel, and mp3 tools)
Used with The Membership Journey, above, Congregations Count is an easy-to-use diagnostic tool to help your congregation effectively focus your membership efforts toward congregational growth. Congregations Count helps your congregation diagnose whether you need more visitors, a better process to convert visitors to members, or a program to retain existing members.

Some Disability Etiquette Tips for Greeting People at Church. Refer to these tips to put both greeters and visitors with disabilities in a more relaxed frame of mind. Here you may find a more open way to understand the range of various disabilities and the people who have them.

Train Your Greeters (PDF) with this 2-1/2 hour greeter training used by the Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont, CA.

The New UU program provides important tools to help congregations welcome, orient, and integrate newcomers into their faith communities.

"101+ Ideas for Membership Growth"
A list of outward-focused things your congregation can do to be more welcoming and inclusive.

Harvest the Power: Developing Lay Leadership
A UUA curriculum for church leaders. When lay leaders deepen their understanding of the difference their work makes in the world, their ministry shifts, and with this shift the congregation can become more engaged, attractive, and energetic.


"Voices of a Liberal Faith"
A compelling DVD about Unitarian Universalism for your congregation's guests, for your friends, and for you! It is available to order online from Congregational Life staff group at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). This DVD was produced by the UUA as a hospitality resource to introduce newcomers to Unitarian Universalism.

"Ideas for Growth"
Produced by Jefferson Unitarian Church, Golden, CO. This DVD is for membership committees, boards, and all who wish to make their congregation more welcoming. To order a copy contact your congregation's UUA district office or inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop. It is also available on YouTube.


"Religious Hospitality: A Spiritual Practice for Congregations" by Peter Morales
A pamphlet for congregational leaders, members and friends about the spiritual practice of offering hospitality from deep within ourselves. This pamphlet is available from inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop, which has many other useful pamphlets for describing our UU movement to newcomers.

Email Lists

Consider joining the UUA's membership and growth email list Memb-L. The list covers a range of UU congregations' membership topics and best practices.

If you are a paid congregational membership professional you may consider joining this email discussion list for paid membership professionals in UU congregations.

Instructions for joining the email lists are online.

Tracking Attendance

Try using these forms to monitor natural fluctuations and the progress of your efforts:

For good information on how to use these attendance figures please see Congregations Count, referred to above.

Religious Hospitality A Spiritual Practice for Congregations

By Peter Morales

From inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop

Pack of 25.

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