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Assessing Your Hospitality

The purpose of this tool is to help you look at your congregation's strengths and weaknesses in reaching out to seekers, welcoming guests, and including new members in the life of the congregation's community. This assessment tool requires the participation of a group of people who are interested in deepening the faith connections of members and newcomers, and in reaching out to guests. Usually this will include your membership and/or outreach committees, and perhaps representatives from your Board or Council as well other key lay leaders and staff.

The assessment process can be done at one time, or divided into sections and given to leaders who have responsibilities in particular areas, with those leaders coming back together to synthesize the parts. This process could take 2-3 hours, or could run over several weeks to compile all the components into one assessment.

The Assessing Your Hospitality tool (Word)(PDF).

Please contact your District Office or with any questions.