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A Peace Shawl Ministry at UU Fellowship of Southern Maryland

At a March 2007 Sunday morning service held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Southern Maryland (UUFSM), six many-colored Peace Shawls were blessed by the congregation before they were sent to Iraqi women in Baghdad, Iraq.

A member’s son, who is currently serving as the liaison officer for the US Embassy and the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, was ready to receive the shawls and pass them on to the U.S. chaplain who would distribute them to Iraqi women.

The Peace Shawl Project is an effort by UUFSM members to reach out in love and peace to Iraqi women who are experiencing grief and loss. Each shawl is created intentionally and contemplatively with love and peace by its creator. The member's son wrote: “As the shawl is worn by the receiver, it hastens the healing process and can serve as an aid to reconciliation. For the maker, I suspect it has a similar impact in that although they may be separated by distance and time, one can still make a positive difference in the lives of people who are tragically affected by Iraq’s sectarian violence. It is an act of kindness…who wouldn’t be moved by that? The point being that kindness is a choice, and a soothing relief to all the ailments in the world.”