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Diagnostic Tools

Making the Most of the Membership Journey

Membership in a church is a dynamic process for an individual or family; increasing church membership is also a dynamic process for a congregation. Attracting visitors, inviting visitors to experience the life of the congregation, building an intentional membership process, and working hard to retain existing members by creating deep sustainable relationships are all part of the journey.

The Unitarian Universalist Association's resource The Membership Journey (PDF, 53 pages) is a powerful collection of proven ways to improve your membership process. Filled with hundreds of ideas from congregations and professionals from the across the country, it can help you with everything from making visitors feel more welcome to figuring out why members leave. 

But arbitrarily picking some things to implement without understanding what is really happening in your church is like adding oil to your car's engine without checking to see what the level is; adding oil might be a waste of resources and make no difference in how your car runs! This is where the Congregational Assessment and Membership Journey Diagnostic Tools come in—the purpose of these tools is to help lay leaders involved in membership decide where to spend their volunteer time.

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