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Registering Guests

Why use a registration card instead of a sign-in book for guests? Cards have certain advantages:
  • Is there enough room to collect all the information you need, such as how people found you or their email address? Collecting email addresses can allow you to communicate quickly and easily with potential members, and also easily survey them about their experience.
  • Do people fill in all the blanks? Checking boxes versus filling in blanks can double the number of people providing the information.
  • Is there ever a waiting line at the guest book? Guests at the back are not likely to wait, while guests at the front are likely to hurry and not fill everything in. Cards can also be put on a clipboard and handed to latecomers to be filled out during or after the service. A sample registration card (PDF) is available and you can adapt it for your own church.

This information can also help you reach out to newcomers and meet their needs and interests, such as religious education program information or social justice involvement. This can help them find a meaningful connection within the congregation when they feel ready to become involved.

Making a name tag for newcomers signifies that you want them to meet others at your church, as well as giving you the chance to track how many return guests you have. When you know how many are returning, you can better determine how welcome you are making people feel at your church.