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The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has produced an exciting video titled "Voices of a Liberal Faith." This twelve-minute video shares important background information and inspirational messages about Unitarian Universalism including our history, theology, worship experience, religious education, social justice, and inclusiveness.

Ways to Use the Video

You can use the video in many ways! Here are some ideas:

  • Use it in your visitor orientation and/or new member classes.
  • Give the link to visitors at your greeters desk and make sure the link is in any welcome pamphlet.
  • The video can be downloaded as an MP4.  The Transcript is also available. The UUA allows duplication of "Voices." With some technical knowledge, it's possible to make DVDs out of the YouTube video to give away to visitors.
  • Make sure your members know about the video and encourage them to watch it. 
  • Have the link as part of your press packet.

The full length video is available on the UUA website for viewing in several different formats. In addition, it is available on YouTube

How the Original Production of the DVD Was Funded and Produced

Funding for this effort came through the generous support of the Friends of the UUA. The original DVD was produced by the UUA's ad agency, the Swardlick Marketing Group, in Portland, Maine.

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