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Nine hours of General Assembly (GA) programming in Salt Lake City was dedicated to Unitarian Universalist (UU) University. Six tracks of widely different programming were offered.

Each track was developed and led by some of the top leaders in our Association and provided opportunities for in-depth exploration of each topic. Reflection, activities, and methods to engage many different learning styles were used to assure that the programs spoke to GA participants of all ages, with all levels of experience of Unitarian Universalism, and from congregations of all sizes.

Each track is developing a Materials and Resources page to help the conversation and learning continue through out the next year.

  • Finding Our Commonwealth: Stewardship as Transformational Ministry
    Discover how you and your congregation can tap the power of your financial lives in order to live your deepest values.
    Track: Stewardship
  • A Family Under One Sky: Ministry Across the Generations (Multigenerational)
    Consider the opportunities that exist within the worship, fellowship and spiritual practice of your congregation to build community across generations.
    Track: Multigenerational
  • Soul Work: Creating Welcoming Multicultural UU Communities
    Explore ways you and your congregation can break through fear, insecurity and socialization into a cycle of liberation and connection.
    Track: Multicultural
  • Governance: Lighting the Leadership Chalice
    An Introduction to the fundamentals of governance:  How can you best liberate your congregation's creative energy to transform souls and bless the world? The final third of the track concentrated on the policy governance approach.
    Track: Governance
  • A People So Bold: Justice and Congregational Mission
    New tools and  UUA materials were offered that keep your justice work focused, effective and relevant to the whole congregation and wider community.
    Track: Justice
  • Theology for a Secular Age
    The transformation of theology for a secular age formed the basis of this track. Learn to think and talk about your faith in ways that balance your religious wisdom with scientific insight.  
    Track: Theology

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