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Multicultural Sensibility in Leadership Development

Multicultural Sensibility—one of the twelve recommended leadership development competencies—includes:

  • Understanding how race and privilege operate in our lives and institutions. 
  • Actively working to dismantle racism. 
  • Understanding how culture affects beliefs, values and mental models and having strategies to bridge them.

Core Values

We are committed to the practice of radical hospitality, where we encounter each person as a gift. We are committed to the ideal of true diversity, because we understand that each person has something to contribute. This enables us to encounter, experience and integrate diverse ideas and values to work our way closer to our understanding of the “truth.”


  • Find ways to understand and appreciate one's own culture and identity and how it informs one's experience and world view.
  • Continually examine one's own assumptions underlying one's ideas and beliefs.
  • Be gentle with oneself while doing this hard work.



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