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Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations with more than 550 members are considered "large" in our faith community. If your congregation is in this category, you probably know well that the needs of larges congregations are very different.

  • Leadership Development in the Large Congregation (PDF) by Stefan Jonasson
    The quality of your congregation’s leadership can be enhanced—even fundamentally transformed—by reimagining the role of the nominating committee and broadening its purpose to make it a leadership development committee. Here’s one model for helping your committee transition to a new paradigm.
  • The Participation Pyramid (PDF) by Stefan Jonasson
    The active participation and stewardship of individuals in congregational life follows certain predictable patterns.
  • The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership
    The Greenleaf Center's mission is to fundamentally improve the caring and quality of all institutions through a new approach to leadership, structure, and decision-making. Servant-leadership emphasizes increased service to others; a holistic approach to work; promoting a sense of community; and the sharing of power in decision making.
  • The Leadership Network
    "The Leadership Network mission is to accelerate the emergence of effective churches by identifying, connecting and providing resources for innovative leaders. One way we achieve our mission is by creating unique connection experiences for leaders of large churches (congregations with 1,000 or more in average weekend worship attendance) who are pioneers and early adopters."

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