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ZZZ-RETIRED Association Sunday 2007 Stories of Generosity
Giving & Generosity

Neshoba Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church in Cordova, TN
September 8, 2008
The word Neshoba, also the name of their region, comes from the Choctaw for “gray wolf.” And this congregation has affirmed that it is much better to travel in a pack. Read More >

Exchanging Stoles on Association Sunday: All Souls Church, Unitarian in Washington, DC
August 12, 2008
Well, we did say that congregations could celebrate Association Sunday 2007 anytime during the 2007-2008 church year. Proving that any Sunday is a good Sunday for affirming our common bonds and helping to Grow Our Faith, All Souls Church, Unitarian conducted their Association Sunday service on June 15, 2008. Their collaborative summer service was a huge success! Read More >

Empowering Congregations: First Parish UU in Needham, MA; UU Fellowship of Durango, CO; and the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, NJ
June 17, 2008
Let us celebrate the exceptional commitment of these three Empowering Congregations, their vision for Unitarian Universalism, and the gifts they shared with our whole family of congregations—because we are better together. Read More >

Matching Challenge Grants Inspire Great Generosity
March 21, 2008
“I never thought I would be able in my life to give $1000 to something I believe in and love so much,” one donor shared with tears and joy in her eyes, as she handed a check for $250 to the Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA's) Stephan Papa on Association Sunday 2007. Read More >

Empowering Congregations: River of Grass in Plantation, FL; and the Fellowship of Huntington, NY
March 11, 2008
Today we honor two congregations that reached truly empowering levels of generosity on Association Sunday 2007.  The River of Grass UU Congregation in Plantation, FL, and the UU Fellowship of Huntington in Huntington, NY, both held such inspiring services and executed such organized campaigns that they were able to raise more than $50 per member! Read More >

UU Fellowship of Northern Westchester in Mt. Kisco, NY
January 29, 2008
On Sunday, December 23, the oldest member (about 90 years old) of the UU Fellowship of Northern Westchester in Mt. Kisco, NY, carried the Time “Person of the Year” issue with him as he rose to light a candle during the Joys and Concerns portion of the service. He turned to the UUA’s ad, and with tears in his eyes, said that seeing it brought him incredible joy, that he could not recall having ever seen an ad for Unitarian Universalism before, and that it was “about time” that he did. Read More >

River of Grass UU Congregation in Plantation, FL
January 4, 2008
The River of Grass Congregation has only 114 members, but makes up for its size with incredible vision, inspirational leadership, and a deep spirit of generosity. Read More >

Liberal Religious Educators' Association (LREDA)
November 14, 2007
The first annual Association Sunday was scheduled for October 14, 2007, a Sunday when most Religious Education Professionals would be attending their annual conference, and thus unable to participate with their congregations. Read More >

Kearsarge UU Fellowship in New London, NH
October 10, 2007
The Kearsarge Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in central New Hampshire is small and somewhat isolated.  Their minister, the Reverend Emily Burr, has been working for some time with the congregation to connect with the wider world of Unitarian Universalism.  Association Sunday has provided them with a way to do so. Read More >

Amy S. Waye, 1907-2007
August 15, 2007
Amy S. Waye, who passed away this year at age 99, had a lifelong love of learning. With her hunger for knowledge, she was the first person in her family to go to college though faced with extreme financial difficulty. Despite all the obstacles she went on to become an English teacher. Read More >

First Unitarian Church in Cleveland, OH
July 18, 2007
Rev. Daniel Budd is the minister of the First Unitarian Church in Cleveland, OH, with a membership of 449. On October 14, he will conduct a worship service on “Growing Our Faith” and take a special collection as part of Association Sunday and the Now Is The Time Campaign. Read More >

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