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Brave Souls: UUs Pledge Over The Edge
Brave Souls: UUs Pledge Over The Edge
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More than eighty Unitarian Universalists (UUs) took generosity to new heights at General Assembly 2014. Brave Souls: UUs Pledge Over the Edge was a celebration of generosity within our faith, and featured UUs rappelling down the side of the Rhode Island Convention Center.

UUs pledged half a million dollars to advance our faith movement and hundreds of people shared their personal Brave Pledges to increase generosity in their lives and the greater UU community, helping to make this our most generous GA ever.

Thank you to all of the Brave Souls who rappelled, volunteered, cheered, shared their Brave Pledges, and gave to the Rev. Terry Sweetser Fund for Stewardship! You have demonstrated the amazing power of generosity in our faith!

Check out some great photos from the event!

If you would like to fulfill your pledge, you can make an online gift to the Rev. Terry Sweetser Fund for Stewardship or call us toll-free at 1-888-792-5885.

"At the nexus of faith and fear, we learn stewardship...Stewardship is the recognition that our privilege gives us the power to make good happen...Fundraising in Unitarian Universalist congregations is the work of learning stewardship, and it lies at the core of our theology."—Rev. Terry Sweetser, Introduction to The Abundance of Our Faith

Our former Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Vice President for Stewardship and Development Rev. Terry Sweetser is known by UUs across the country for his belief in the power of giving and creativity to transform our faith. Years ago, Terry imagined the excitement of sharing with our donors and friends the chance to “go over the edge,” and now, to honor his departure from the UUA after twenty years of service, we have made his vision a reality!

This was an opportunity to take on new challenges. We were pushed to our limits, facing physical fears, giving boldly, and thinking about what generosity really means to our UU community. Thank you for supporting our rappellers in their journey over the edge and supporting our mission for an abundant faith!

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