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Additional UUFP Information

Responsibilities of Grantees

If you receive a grant from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program (UUFP):

  • The money must be used only for the project described in your application. If there are significant changes in your project, we ask that you contact us.
  • We expect that the money will be spent within 14 months. Any money you do not spend within the 14 months must be returned, unless you request an extension in writing.
  • You agree to submit a post grant Final Report, (2-3 pages) which will include:
    1. A description of the major activities of the project, any significant changes in your activities from your original proposed plan, and if so, the reasons for the changes.
    2. The project’s major accomplishments and the ways you met or did not meet your goals.
    3. A final project financial statement, accounting for all actual income received and expenses incurred for the project.

The Funding Panels

Four volunteer panels review applications and award grants with the assistance of staff. Panel members are Unitarian Universalists appointed by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees in accordance with the UUA bylaws, which affirm and promote “the full participation of persons in all of its activities, and in the full range of human endeavor, without regard to race, color, sex, disability, sexual orientation, age, or national origin and without requiring adherence to any particular interpretation of religion or to any particular religious belief or creed.” Efforts are made to achieve a balance on the Panels in terms of geographic and demographic representation, experience, education and interests.

Funding Overlap with the UU Veatch Program

The UU Funding Program is funded by the UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock. Projects may not receive funding from both programs during the same twelve month period. For information about their guidelines and application procedures, contact the UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock directly at (516) 627-6576.

For more information contact uufp @

This work is made possible by a generous grant from the UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Thursday, January 23, 2014.

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