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Brave Pledges
Brave Pledges
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Check out some of the amazing Brave Pledges that have been made as part of Brave Souls: Unitarian Universalists (UUs) Pledge Over the Edge!

  • I pledge to jump into the unknown of a life of professional ministry for the causes of love and justice.—Andrew, VA
  • I will lead our church's pledge campaign.—Richard, PA
  • I pledge to support Young Adults by volunteering with Faith Architects.—Elizabeth, NC
  • I will always support Unitarian Universalism.—Rita, RI
  • I will pledge $40 to the Terry Sweetser fund. I am interested in helping UUs to reach out to the growing 'nonreligous' movement and I pledge to take what I learn from the General Assembly (GA) sessions back to my congregation to help grow our religion.—Bob, NH
  • I joyously pledge $100 to the Terry Sweetser Fund.—John, Canada
  • I will have an open mind towards fun things to do and new ways to be. I hope to carry the feeling of "Adventure is Out There!" in everyday ministry and reaching as many people in as many ways as I can.— Shawna, NE
  • I am a lifelong UU and fully committed to growing our congregation. I have participated in major stewardship and capital campaigns in the past and continue to pledge to do so in the future. I am a Board member of our church and fervently hope to demonstrate my commitment to UUism by taking the Brave pledge.—Craig, WA
  • I will increase my generosity by 7%.—Rev. CJ, FL
  • I pledge to continue stretching myself toward abundant giving, both at my congregation and in the broader world.—Greg, MA
  • I will work diligently this year to defeat the "personhood" amendment here in Colorado in coalition with Latina for Reproductive Justice and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. I will also donate to the Rev. Terry Sweetser Fund. I am a seminarian at Iliff School of Theology and a Candidate for UU Ministry. Rappelling would be a brave challenge for me, letting me work through fears of the heights, as well as fears of calling all internal resources to stand up for justice for women and control over their bodies.—Ruth, CO
  • I pledge to give back faithfully to my UU community, my broader community, and my world community with my talents, gifts, and financial support. I pledge to live in abundance and demonstrate that abundance with action!—Elizabeth, MA
  • I'll make coffee and snacks at home for a year and put that money into our collection plate instead of spending it.—Munro, NM
  • Our Brave Pledge will be a 50% increase in our pledge to UUFH in 2014-15. We are in a transition mode with our new minister who has many exciting ideas that need funding. We are happy to be able to help & have urged others to increase their pledges also.—Sue & Shel, NY

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