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The Promise and Practice of Our Faith
BLUU: The Promise and Practice of Our Faith
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In October 2017 the UUA Board of Trustees committed $5.3 million to Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU). BLUU provides ministry, information, resources and support for Black Unitarian Universalists and works to expand the role and visibility of Black UUs within our faith.

"The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith" is a turning moment: an opportunity to promise and practice our shared commitment to be a more inclusive, more expansive Unitarian Universalism. The UUA Board and President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray invite every Unitarian Universalist congregation to join the Association in supporting its commitment to BLUU and in the work of re-imagining the future of our faith. Donate Now.

"The Promise and the Practice" Sunday for Congregations

Individual congregations are encouraged to schedule a Sunday between November 12, 2017 and February 4, 2018 (on a date that's convenient for your congregation) to engage around the theme of The Promise and the Practice of Our Faith as a means of doing three things:

  • Recognize that our faith has silenced or ignored black voices
  • Commit to amplify and celebrate the black voices in our movement
  • Invite every Unitarian Universalist congregation to lend their own generous support to our UUA Board's bold financial commitment to Black Unitarian Universalists

Worship and religious exploration materials for this will be available on WorshipWeb in October.

About the Author

  • Erika Hewitt is the UUA's Minister of Worship Arts and Editor of Braver/Wiser , a weekly spirituality series. She also serves as a Unitarian Universalist parish minister and wedding officiant in Maine. Her book of theme-based ministry resources, co-written with educator Becky...

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