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Off-site delegate participation provides an alternative way for congregations to participate in the business of the Association when their delegates cannot physically attend General Assembly (GA).

Even if they cannot be physically present at GA, congregational delegates, ministers, and credentialed directors of religious education can log in to the off-site delegate portal to participate in the business of GA by serving as off-site delegates. Pre-registration is required. Questions and technical support: delegatesupport [at] uua [dot] org.

Off-site delegates can:

  • Watch live streaming video of all Plenary Sessions online.
  • Vote online and speak during debate in General Assembly business sessions from home, office, or congregation, or as part of a congregational cluster.
  • Listen to discussion and vote during business mini-assemblies.
  • Access additional streamed content for off-site participants.

Using a telephone and a computer with high-speed access to the Internet, off-site delegates participate in the Plenary business sessions and mini-assemblies right along with the delegates who are on-site.

All delegates are required to submit a certified GA credential from their congregation. An off-site delegate will count against a congregation's total number of delegates allowed; so off-site participation is not recommended for congregations that can send a full delegation to attend GA in person.

Congregations are encouraged to provide resources for off-site delegates (ie., meeting space, technology, telecommunication), as much as is possible.

Requirements for Participation

In order to participate off-site, delegates must:

  • Represent a congregation certified for General Assembly.
  • Obtain a delegate credential from the congregation (during the off-site registration process, the delegate will need enter unique ID information found on their credential).
  • Register as an off-site delegate to General Assembly no later than 8 p.m. EDT on June 19, 2015. Early registration (March 1-April 30) for off-site delegates is $135; late registration (May 1-June 19) is $160.
  • Have access to a computer with internet access compatible with Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) streaming video protocols (Technical Notes; test a computer’s internet connections by playing video from the 2014 GA. If this video plays without pauses, your computer and internet connection are adequate.)
  • Be willing to download and use online voting software furnished by the UUA.
  • Have an active email account.
  • Have access to a telephone while using the computer.
  • Log in to the off-site delegate portal.

Registered off-site delegates will receive instructions via email regarding credentials and training.

Banner Parade

Off-site delegates are also asked to furnish a photograph of their congregation’s banner for inclusion in the Virtual Banner Parade during the Opening Ceremony. If your congregation’s banner isn’t going to be physically present at GA you can send us a photo of your banner to delegatesupport [at] uua [dot] org, which we’ll display on the large screens in the plenary hall during the procession.

Please note the following:

  • Please only send jpg or png files.
  • Please send high resolution images. Generally images under 500kb look pixilated on the large screens.
  • Do not submit banner images that include people or your congregation’s building.
  • We will crop and resize the image as necessary to fit the screens in plenary.
  • If your banner is physically present at GA, please do not submit a photo. Some congregations have a mix of on/off site delegates.

Absentee Voting in the UUA Election

Off-site delegates may vote online ONLY on business items in Plenary sessions or Mini-Assemblies. To vote for elected positions such as President and Moderator, off-site delegates must cast a written absentee ballot prior to GA. Certified congregations are mailed an absentee ballot for every delegate/vote to which they are entitled. To vote absentee, obtain a ballot from your congregation. More on UUA elections.

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