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Contributing to the General Assembly Program

There are many ways to contribute depending on your specific interests, skill-sets and time availability.

  • Program Proposals - Proposals for programs (workshops, panel discussions, worship service, and other presentation) for the 2021 General Assembly will be posted in the fall.
  • Musical Leadership: vocalists, instrumentalists, and liturgical dancer/choreographers at GA.
  • Joining the General Assembly Choir.
  • Worship Leaders and Volunteer Chaplains at GA.
  • Volunteer Positions (paid registration in exchange for hours of service during GA).
  • The General Assembly Planning Committee (GAPC) oversees the annual Ware Lecture, Opening Events, music, ambiance, and evening activities. How to apply for nomination to the GAPC.
  • General Assembly is coming to Portland in 2022!  If you are interested in joining the Portland-based local area/arrangements team, please email, to learn more. We have many positions open, including Chair of the Local Area/Arrangements Task Force.
  • More about Creating General Assembly