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General Assembly 2006 Event 2077

Speakers: Rev. Jane Rzepka, Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt

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This afternoon's music is drawn from a range of cultures, styles, and theologies. In singing these pieces we honor the work, sacrifice, and struggle from which they were born. We offer this music today mindful of its original context and history.

Many thanks to the Rev. Jason Shelton, Susan Peck, pianist, and our other musicians.

Our chalice is loaned to us today by Nancy Warren Oliver of UniUniques and we thank her.

Thanks go as well to our ushers and service participants.

Our anthems today are from Sources: A Unitarian Universalist Cantata. Words by the Rev. Kendyl Gibbons (Minneapolis, MN). Music by the Rev. Jason Shelton (Nashville, TN).

Sponsored by the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and funded in part by a grant from the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program, Sources is a major work for chorus, piano, string orchestra and percussion, which explores and celebrates the theological diversity at the heart of our religious identity. Through a wide variety of musical styles, Sources weaves together a tapestry of faith that is at times beautiful and poignant, and at other times soulful and celebratory. This gift to our movement is the result of a collaborative vision which extends far beyond author and composer to bring together many of the varied theological constituencies within our Association in a moment of honor and recognition for all. Look for a major performance of Sources during the 2007 GA in Portland!

Order of Service

Church of the Larger Fellowship Worship Service
General Assembly, St. Louis, June 22, 2006

Ingathering Music

Opening Words: The Rev. Jane Rzepka, senior minister, CLF

Welcome: Ms. Denny Davidoff, chair, CLF Board of Directors

Opening Hymn: Gathered Here, words and music by Philip A. Porter, from Singing the Living Tradition

Chalice Lighting: Ms. Linda Berez, CLF technology consultant, and Ms. Jen Hazel, Church of the Younger Fellowship Steering Committee facilitator

Meditation: Mr. Paul Sprecher, 2005-2006 CLF ministerial intern, and Mr. Barb Greve, 2006-2007 CLF ministerial intern

Musical Response

Reading: from A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson—The Rev. Patty Franz—CLF prison ministry director

Cantata: No Other World, from Sources: A Unitarian Universalist Cantata. Words by the Rev. Kendyl Gibbons (Minneapolis, MN). Music by the Rev. Jason Shelton (Nashville, TN).

Homily: "Revelation, Reason, and Moving On, Part I"—The Rev. Jane Rzepka

Hymn: Building Bridges, Words: The women of Greenham Common peace occupation in England, 1983, Music: Contemporary English Quaker Round, from Singing the Journey

Homily: "Revelation, Reason, and Moving On, Part II"—The Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt, minister, Fourth Universalist Society, New York City

Cantata: On Wings of Praise (see insert)

Closing Hymn: The Fire of Commitment, words by Mary Katherine Morn and Jason Shelton, music by Jason Shelton

Closing Words: The Rev. Jane Rzepka

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