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Join the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), and Investors Against Genocide (IAG) in the fight to end the Darfur genocide by saying NO to investments in genocide.

If you are a mutual fund investor in Fidelity funds, or those from 50 other companies, you have a vote in the way your money is managed.

Investors Against Genocide has submitted shareholder proposals on genocide-free investing to more than 50 mutual funds. Shareholders now have the unprecedented opportunity to vote their proxies to tell mutual funds that they don’t want their money invested in companies that abet genocide.

Proxy materials and proxy ballots that include this shareholder proposal are now being distributed by Fidelity for its Contrafund and eleven other Fidelity funds holding shareholder meetings on March 19. 

You can vote your proxy ballot up until the 19th if you own any of these Fidelity funds: Blue Chip Growth, Blue Chip Value, Capital & Income, Contrafund, Dividend Growth, Equity Income, Growth & Income Fund, Low Priced Stock, Puritan, Real Estate Investment, Select Health Care Portfolio, and Utilities.

There are also votes scheduled for April 16 and May 14 for Fidelity Funds.  (See the complete list of investing proposals.)

UUA Treasurer Tim Brennan, who votes proxies for participants in the UU retirement plan, will be voting in support of the resolution when possible.  None of the Fidelity Funds being voted on March 19 are options within the UUA Retirement Plan.

Votes at more Fidelity Funds plus other major fund companies, including Vanguard, Franklin Templeton and Barclays, will follow in coming months.  To see the latest list of mutual funds with votes pending on genocide-free investing, visit Investors Against Genocide.

How to Vote

When you receive your proxy materials and proxy ballot, DON'T THROW THEM AWAY OR DELETE THE EMAIL! These are the first of your unique opportunities to vote for genocide-free investing. Vote FOR Proposal #3 on your ballot card.

If you have already discarded the proxy materials, or have already voted and want to change your vote, you can.  You can revise your vote right up until the meeting on March 19. Contact Fidelity for instructions.

Help Investors Against Genocide Submit More Shareholder Proposals

If you own shares of mutual funds, please join this historic effort for genocide-free investing. Investors Against Genocide has made it easy for you to submit a resolution.

If your congregation would like more information about making your investments genocide-free, please contact IAG’s liaison to religious groups:

Pat Cassidy
pqcass [at] aol [dot] com
(508) 240-0616
(cell) (508) 259-4061

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