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Level Designations for Fair Compensation
Benefits & Compensation for Congregations, Benefits & Compensation for Congregations


In 2009, a new level of recognition (Leadership) was adopted by the Unitarian Universalist Association. Congregations adopting and meeting all 8 Principles of the Fair Compensation Guidelines Program as well as offering the benefits described in the Leadership section will be designated as Fair Compensation Congregations (Leadership).

Congregations wishing to achieve Leadership Level will offer the following additional compensation:

  • Health Insurance: Congregations will pay for 80% of the premium for employees and 50% of the premium for eligible dependents.
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance: Congregations will pay the employee premium and will designate the cost of this premium as imputed income for the employee.
  • Life Insurance: Congregations will pay the employee premium.
  • Professional Expenses: Professional Expenses will be provided for all Religious Professionals. They should be set at the greater of 10% of salary (and housing for ministers) or $5,000, pro-rated for part-time religious professionals. Additionally, congregations should provide sufficient funding to ensure professional development for administrative staff.


Congregations meeting the Principles of Fair Compensation, but not the additional benefits, will be designated as Fair Compensation Congregations (Practicing).


Congregations adopting the Guidelines Principles as goals and developing a written plan for reaching all 8 goals within five years shall be designated Fair Compensation Congregations (Committed).

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