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The Language of Values: Our Seven Principles in Action

For children to understand why we do justice work, we must name the values that compel us. 

For UUs, our seven Principles clarify what we value as a religious community. Look at versions of the UU Principles written for children. Find fun ways to explore the Principles with children so they will learn how faith-based values drive us to act for justice:

These secular resources can also help build your family's "values" vocabulary:

  • "How to Talk About Values with Your Kids," in the online Parents magazine, gives useful tips for discussing fair play, gratitude, helpfulness, forgiveness, honesty, respect, generosity, and kindness.
  • E is for Ethics: How to Talk to Kids About Morals, Values, and What Matters Most is an interactive book by Ian James Corlett, illustrated by R. A. Holt. Scenarios featuring elementary-age children help you support your child's exploration of courage, forgiveness, honesty, and other values.
  • 10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids: 52 Fun and Simple Games and Activities to Teach Your Child Honesty, Trust, Love, and Other Important Values, by Jamie C. Miller
  • The Aha! Parenting website offers an article on teaching children values. Fifteen suggestions (scroll down) highlight ways for parents and caregivers to engage, and learn, as they strive to instill shared values in their children.

Seven UU Principles: Seed Paper!

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Everybody Is Important A Kids' Guide to Our Seven Principles

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