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Acknowledgements for the Green Sanctuary Program
Environmental Justice, Green Sanctuary Program

The manual was adapted from the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth (UUMFE) publication Green Sanctuary: Congregations Working Together To Restore Earth and Renew Spirit, Fourth Edition, October 2008 authored by Rev. Katherine Jesch, Director of Environmental Ministry. The Green Sanctuary Program was originally nurtured and managed by the UUMFE and we are grateful for their shepherding of the program.

2013 Edits were made in consultation with Pamela Sparr under the management of Rev. Karen Brammer, and the administrative support of Brent Jurgess. Input for the resulting web-based manual came from the Green Sanctuary Review Team, UU Ministry for Earth and the Theology and Ethics of Environmental Justice Task Force (supported by the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Funding Panel), Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Multicultural Ministry staff Jessica Halperin, past Executive Director of UU Legislative Ministries in CA, Lindi Gifford and many others. With deep thanks.

Thanks to Rev. Robert F. Murphy for his contributions on the history of the Green Sanctuary Program and the Environmental Justice Movement.

Thanks to the past and present Green Sanctuary Review Team members Happy Bradford, Gene Burr, Cathy Cramer, Dotti Doyle, Bill Fischer, Stan Grant, Rev. Katherine Jesch, Peg MacMorris, Dave Segel, and Frank Silovsky for their commitment to the Green Sanctuary Program and their consistently helpful guidance.

Thanks to the many UU congregations whose stories and examples appear throughout the manual. And a special thanks to the congregations whose sample parts of applications appear in the indexes.

Thanks to Jesse Holm, UUA Congregational Stewardship Services Administrator, for her thoughtful review and comments.

Thanks to Robin Nelson, UUA Congregational Stewardship Services Program Manager, for her research on UU congregations’ participation in the Green Sanctuary Program and her assistance with the publication of this guide.

A special thanks to Kathy Carter, Professional Freelance Editing, for her thoughtful and diligent reorganization, rewriting, and editing of this newest version of the Green Sanctuary Manual.

We are grateful for the support this project has received from Dr. Wayne Clark, UUA Director of Congregational Stewardship Services.

Photos throughout the manual were provided by congregations who achieved Green Sanctuary accreditation in the 2009 fiscal year. We thank them for documenting their inspiring work.

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