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Steps in the Green Sanctuary Process
Environmental Justice, Green Sanctuary Program

Stage 1—Beginnings

  1. Individual or group gets familiar with Green Sanctuary (GS) process
  2. Establish a Green Sanctuary team
  3. Congregational Board support and congregational vote (if appropriate)
  4. Celebrate your work in Stage 1, then:

Stage 2—Assessments

During this stage you will conduct several assessments. As you go through this stage maintain records of participation and results of all assessments.  Both are required as part of the later application.  Be in contact with your coach throughout this process for encouragement and support.

  1. Contact Green Sanctuary manager to receive coach contact information (uua_greensanctuary [at] uua [dot] org)
  2. Conduct a Congregational Assessment
  3. Complete Environmental Justice Assessment
  4. Review Criteria for Environmental Justice Focus Area
  5. Celebrate your work in Stage 2, then:

Stage 3—Action Plans

During this phase you will develop the specific actions your congregation plans to work on as part of this process.

  1. Begin work on environmental justice focus area, paying special attention to partnerships and collaboration (within and beyond the congregation). Create Action Plan.
  2. Create action plans for other focus areas
  3.  Celebrate your work in Stage 3, then:

Stage 4—Applying for Candidacy 

  1. Apply for GS candidate status. You will receive an email with results.
  2. Review results, make appropriate modifications (and resubmit if requested).

Stage 5—Applying for Accreditation

  1. Complete your action plans, modifying them as you learn from your experiences.
  2. Apply for accreditation.
  3. Receive and integrate response from review team (resubmit application if necessary)

What’s next? Celebrate!!! As you continue congregational work, consider yearly reviews. Reviews are not required, but they can be helpful. Use Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and other networks for ideas and inspiration.

Stage 6—Recertification

  1. Re-certification timing is not specific and not required to maintain Green Sanctuary status. But it helps to re-focus and re-inspire the congregation and/or team.

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