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Climate Change Informational Resources from the UU-UNO

The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) values both action and knowledge. To encourage you to remain educated and to inform others about the latest research and most up to date climate change information, the Climate Change Initiative (CCI) has compiled useful resources for accessing climate change portals along with religious education curriculum for your congregation.

Suggested Information Portals

CCI recommends that you utilize the range of comprehensive climate change informational resources that are accessible to the public. Below you will find links to a selection of these resources.

  • The UN Climate Change Portal is the UN’s cite for all of its climate change activity. This portal contains information such as UN climate change adaptation and mitigation work, UN climate change negotiations, and the facts about climate change.
  • The World Bank Climate Change Knowledge Portal is a central cite for comprehensive data and research on climate change. Through this portal you will find resources including climate change reports, climate data, and tools for graphing and comparing data.
  • Climate Change Laws of the World is a Columbia Law School database. Through this page you will find climate change laws and policy for countries throughout the international community.
  • The Climate Change Task Force is a UU-UNO organization who’s Climate Change Task Force Portal provides a spectrum of climate change related information. This resource includes national climate action, UU climate work, tools for countering the climate change disinformation campaign, and more.

Religious Education Curriculum

CCI is continuously developing Religious Education (RE) material about Climate Change for UU congregations to utilize. Climate change is a confusing topic, not to mention terrifying. It often feels more about problems than solutions, which makes it easy to push to the sidelines as “something scientists can deal with.” This course aims to give participants a solid understanding of the facts behind climate change, an appreciation of the earth, and tools to find solutions on a range of scales. Please utilize our Climate Change Religious Education Curriculum!


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