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Living Wage

A living wage ensures that full-time workers are able to comfortably afford food, shelter, utilities, clothing, medical care, transportation, recreation, and other living expenses, as opposed to a minimum wage, which keeps workers and their families living at or below the poverty line.

"Rewarding an honest day's labor with a just living wage is the right thing to do, and advocating for fair compensation is our religious duty. It is only when our most vulnerable sisters and brothers achieve a basic level of economic and physical security that they can embark upon a 'free and responsible search for truth and meaning.' Making that spiritual journey possible for all people is the heart and soul of Unitarian Universalism."

—Rev. William G. Sinkford, Former President of the Unitarian Universalist Association and current Senior Minister at First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR


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Last updated on Friday, October 14, 2011.

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