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Unitarian Universalists have been involved in supporting a fair minimum wage since the year of our inception in 1961, when we passed a resolution in support of an agricultural minimum wage for migrant workers.  Ours has been a sustained commitment; the 1961 resolution was followed by over three dozen social justice statements in support of economic justice.  Below are excerpts from those statements which have specifically addressed fair wages or minimum wage.

General Resolutions

Raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $10 in 2010
2008 Action of Immediate Witness

Excerpt: "...Therefore, be it resolved: The 2008 General Assembly supports the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign urging the 111th Congress in 2009 to raise the federal minimum wage to $10 by 2010. We urge all Unitarian Universalist congregations and individuals to participate by

  • educating themselves about poverty and requirements for a minimum standard of living;
  • holding Let Justice Roll rallies, workshops and worship services on the weekend of January 9-11, 2009;
  • signing the $10 by 2010 Faith Leaders Letter to Congress;
  • participating in other Let Justice Roll activities; and
  • advocating with low wage workers.

Working for a Just Economic Community
1997 General Resolution

Excerpt: "...Therefore be it resolved that the Unitarian Universalist Association urges its member congregations and individual Unitarian Universalists in the United States work specifically in favor of mechanisms such as a true single minimum wage, applicable to all workers, that provides an adequate standard of living ..."

A Job, A Home, A Hope
1995 General Resolution

Excerpt: "...The Unitarian Universalist Association urges its member congregations and individual Unitarian Universalists to work in coalition with community activists to ensure that every member of our society has the opportunity for:

  1. A job: creation of more jobs paying living wages and more effective job-training programs ..."

Poverty and Unemployment
1985 General Resolution

Excerpt: ".... Be it further resolved that this Assembly endorses the principle that every person has an inherent and moral right to work at a meaningful wage, food, clothing and shelter."

Poor People’s Campaign
1968 General Resolution

Excerpt: "The seventh General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association ...endorses the following legislative goals..."

  1. Meaningful jobs at adequate pay scales in both public and private sectors for the unemployed and the under-employed, with the government to be employer of last resort, and effective enforcement of anti-discrimination statutes
  2. A system of income maintenance, including a guaranteed minimum income for all ..."

Statements of Conscience

Economic Injustice, Poverty, and Racism: We Can Make a Difference!
2000 Statement of Conscience

Excerpt: "...Our work for economic justice must include support for fair wages and benefits..."

Summary of UUA Resolutions and Social Justice Statements on Economic Justice

Working for a just society is central to the Unitarian Universalist faith—a faith based in the creation of justice and peace here on earth and among our common world community. The Unitarian Universalist Association seeks an economically just society in which government and private institutions promote the common economic good and are held accountable; all people have equal opportunity to care for themselves and their families; and individuals take responsibility for the effects of their actions on their own and others’ lives.  The UUA believes that poverty and injustice in the midst of plenty and prosperity are intolerable to the religious conscience.  More than simply working to fix current problems relating to disadvantaged communities, the Association has also spoken out against the systems that cause economic disparity and worked to ensure that our communities do not further contribute to economic injustice.

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Last updated on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

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