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Religious Educator and Youth Ministry Data in myUUA

When editing your congregation's Leader/Staff list, please use the guidelines below for choosing the appropriate type of Religious Educator positions from the drop-down menu.  Note the instructions at the bottom of the page for notifying the UUA of your congregation's youth ministry.

Religious Educators

Young Adult RE—paid/professional: professional staff, full- or part-time, whose primary focus is young adults, age 18-35. (e.g. Young adult ministry director or campus ministry coordinator). Note: Young adult religious education professionals refers to religious education professionals who work with young adults, not religious educators who are themselves young adults.

Young Adult RE—lay/volunteer: typically young adult group leaders or organizers.

Adult RE—paid/professional: professional staff, full- or part-time, whose primary focus is adults.

Adult RE—lay/volunteer: adult group leaders or organizers.

Religious Educator —paid/professional: professional staff, full- or part-time, whose primary focus is not on a particular age range.

Religious Educator lay/volunteer: group leaders or organizers.

Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is defined as those working with high-school age participants:

Youth professionals—professional staff, full- or part-time, whose primary focus is youth (e.g. Youth ministry directors or youth program coordinators) or advisors receiving stipends.

Youth advisors/volunteers—volunteer advisors for youth groups or programs.

At this time, the myUUA online system does not include specialized designations for youth professionals or youth advisors/volunteers. When entering Youth Ministry staff/volunteers, please use the Religious Educator—paid/professional or Religious Educator—lay/volunteer categories. Then take five minutes to fill out the Supplemental Youth and Young Adult Ministry Data Form that allows congregations to add information to clarify roles and titles.

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Last updated on Thursday, August 8, 2013.

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