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Manager Guide: Missing Messages

Messages from the list not making it to the subscriber: Unless there's a general problem with our mail server and no one is receiving mail, the most likely cause of this symptom is that messages from are being marked as spam by the subscriber's email program or ISP. Ask the member to look through their "junk" folder to see if the list messages are there. If they are, have them add the list address (, or whatever shows up in the "message-from" field) to their "allowed" list.

Messages from the subscriber not making it to the list: There are three common reasons why a subscriber's messages wouldn't make it to the list:

  1. The message contained an attachment or HTML formatting. See "Content not explicitly allowed" to make sure your list's settings are properly defined to help avoid this problem.
  2. The subscriber's "message-from" address doesn't match the address they've subscribed to the list. See "Post by non-member to a members-only list" for help determining whether this might be the problem, and instructions for working around it.
  3. The subscriber's message has been flagged as spam by the filters. Contact the Web Team (web [at] uua [dot] org) with as much information as possible, including the sender's address, the recipient address(es), and the date and time the message was sent. Since we filter all our lists, over 32,000 spam messages are held each week, and we don’t habitually look through them for false positives (roughly 8/week). Instead we rely upon users and/or list managers to alert us when a message doesn’t make it.

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