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Manager Guide: Welcome Message ("Details for welcome_msg") is the text that automatically goes out to new subscribers to your list. Your list application included this information, so your initial text should already be posted. 

This space should include a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ)  and their answers (sample). Be sure to send out your FAQ to the list on a regular basis (every two or three months) to remind everyone of what the list is about. A good FAQ should include:

  • The purpose of the list.
  • The intended audience for the list. For lists with rules about who can join (e.g., only UUMA members), specify the rules.
  • Guidelines for topics, with examples.
  • Instructions for subscribing, signing off, and (for high-volume lists) for switching to digest mode. You can include the URL of the UUA's Subscriber Guide and participation rules:
  • Be clear that you as list manager have the right and responsibility to enforce these rules. If your list has additional rules, spell them out. If there is any behavior that would cause you to throw someone off the list, be sure to spell this out.
  • An address for people to write to with questions. Use your list-manager's address: that is, "listname-owner [at] lists [dot] uua [dot] org."

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