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Sample Email List Member Records in Mailman is the home page for "Membership Management..."

Scroll down to see your subscribers listed in alphabetical order. If your list has more than about 30 subscribers, Mailman shows them to you 30 at a time (click on the numbers/letters to see other sections). The links at the bottom of the page, "from xxx to yyy," show the range of addresses for that letter of the alphabet.

Each member record looks like the following:

unsub member address
member name
mod hide nomail
ack not metoo no-dupes digest plain language
web [at] uua [dot] org

Each email address is a link to that person's options page, where they can log in with their personal password, and make changes for themselves to their settings.

On request, you can make changes for them by un/checking the appropriate box(es) and clicking the "Submit Your Changes" button at the bottom of the page. The abbreviations in the membership table have the following meanings:

unsub Checking this box will unsubscribe the person immediately.
member address
member name
The name that shows on messages from this subscriber can be changed in this text box.
mod If this box is checked, the member is moderated, and each of their posts must be approved before it is posted to the list.
hide Members may choose to hide their email address from anyone who views the subscriber list.
If this box is checked, the member will not receive list mail at this address, though they may still log in to the list archives or view the subscriber list, if available. Reasons might be: [U] which means the user or list manager changed this setting, or [B] which means the user's address has bounced a number of times and the system has automatically changed this setting (if this is the case, see "Troubleshooting.")
ack If this box is checked, the user will receive an automatic confirmation email each time they post a message to the list.
not metoo Members will usually get a copy of all messages posted to the list. Checking this box will prevent them from receiving copies of their own messages.
nodupes If list subscriber is included in the "cc:" or "bcc:" fields of a message that is already being sent to the list, checking this box will prevent the user from receiving duplicate copies of that message.
digest If this box is checked, the user will receive list mail in periodic bundles instead of individually, as the messages are posted to the list.
plain If the user receives list mail in digest form, this box dictates the form of those messages. If the box is checked, the user will receive a plain text email with all the list messages printed successively (Plain Text format). If the box is unchecked, the user will receive the list messages as individual attachments to the digest email (MIME format).
language Only USA English is available on this server. This option cannot be changed.

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