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Simple Beginnings

New congregations have used this planting strategy with a lot of success: set up a simple, attractive website up as early as possible. Include something like the following to start:

Unitarian Universalist congregation coming to your community. If you would like to be invited to the first worship please sign up here: [information capture]. If you want to get involved right away please sign up here: [information capture].

Then feature an invitation to Unitarian Universalism in your own words and link to the seeker section.

One emerging congregation got a stack of UU World magazines and put stickers on them that said, "Unitarian Universalist congregation coming to [town] this spring! [website]." They sprinkled the magazines around town (at the library, co-op, community center, YMCA, and the like) to great success. Contact growthresources [at] uua [dot] org for more good ideas.

Content Tips

Ready-Made Content

  • Plug-In Social Media Content
    Use plug-ins from Facebook, Twitter, and the like to provide content from frequently-updated sources.
  • Graphics & Banners
    Chalice art, ready-made banners, and UU photo resources can help beautify your site.

Online Donations

  • Congregational treasurers offer some recommendations for accepting online donations or pledge payments.

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